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Living Roofs

We can add a living roof application, also known as a green roof, to most of our roofing systems. Living roofs are an innovative yet time-honoured roofing solution that incorporates living plant materials. Living roofs also have a multitude of benefits.

Environment benefits

Living Roofs can lower the cooling load of a building by fifty to ninety percent in summer.
They reduce and purify storm-water runoff significantly.
They reduce smog and greenhouse gas emissions.

Economic benefits

Living Roofs can extend the life of a roof’s  membrane by 30 to 50 years.
They decrease the need for costly repairs.
They increase real estate values by adding green space.

Social benefits

Living Roofs increase living space by replacing a stark rooftop with a park-like green space.
They brighten the mood by bringing foliage and flowers to a building.
They look great!