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Roofing Systems

D.J Peat is accomplished in the installation and maintenance of all major roofing systems. We appreciate that each system has its own advantages in different applications, structures and uses. We can help you select what best suits your need and customize as necessary.

Each of our flat-roof systems is normally applied in conjunction with a variety of insulations and vapour retarders. The insulation type is dependent on the R-value desired, the type of roof deck, the type of roof system used, the amount of traffic on the roof, and cost considerations. Insulations are installed loose-laid, with adhesives, or are fastened mechanically.

Leadership in Energy and Environment Design
D.J. Peat flat-roof systems can be applied toward LEED points in several ways — from installation of white membranes resulting in heating and cooling cost reductions to installation of living roof systems resulting in storm-water management.